Border force

Border Force Certificate of Agreement

Deanland has a "Certificate of Agreement" with UK Border Force.

This means all pilots can fly to and from the Channel Islands and the EU. In order to get this privilege, we have an agreement with UK Border Force.

All pilots have a responsibility to ensure they comply with all relevant laws and procedures, and should assist each other in ensuring these rules are compiled with.

We all have a duty to report anything suspicious or illegal to the border force and/or police. This includes any pilot you are aware of that is not following procedure. If pilots are found to have not followed procedures, for example not filed GAR forms, Deanland may lose this certificate.

Pilots must file a GAR form in the following scenarios:

1. When arriving from any European country, with 4 hours notice prior to landing;
2. When arriving from Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man, 12 hours notice;
3. When departing to Channel Islands, Northern Ireland or Isle of Man, 12 hours notice.

The best way to file a GAR form is to do so online - a free version is available through You need to take a note of your "receipt number" or print the email acknowledgement - this will be needed if you have to prove that you completed the GAR.

If any pilot, or the airfield owners, are asked for PPR we must ask that a GAR has been completed and that the appropriate number of hours notice has been achieved. If not, special permission will be needed from UK Border Force. UK Border Force reserve the right to require that aircraft land at a full customs airfield instead of at Deanland.

All pilots must ensure they are familiar with customs requirements for goods which are restricted or prohibited. There are heavy penalties including imprisonment for bringing in prohibited or restricted goods into the country. For the Channel Islands, there is an additional restriction of 10,000 euros maximum to be carried in cash.

UK Border Force officers must be granted access to the airfield at any time. They have the right to board and/or search aircraft, and the right to search individuals who have returned from abroad. They may require to use the Flight Sport Aviation briefing room as the area to conduct an interview or search; anyone using the room will be asked to leave whilst this happens.